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If you are interested in joining us as a Spanish Fork Community Theater Board Member, please contact us for more information. Below are the requirements for all SFCT board members. If you'd like to assist us with a production as a director or production crew members, please visit our page for volunteers.

Requirements for All SFCT Board Members

  • SFCT Board Members should attend the majority of the required meetings throughout the year. If they are unable to attend, they need to communicate with the board president regarding their absence.
  • SFCT Board Members should serve on at least one committee.
  • SFCT Board Member should make their best effort to communicate with their committee heads and the board president regarding their responsibilities and report their progress frequently.
  • Every SFCT Board Member must audition for a show if they desire to be a cast member. Board membership is not a guarantee of any particular role.
  • New SFCT Board Members should fill out an application which includes their strengths and skills and should be willing to serve where they will be the most effective.
  • Every SFCT Board Member should do their best to maintain a willing spirit and a positive attitude. They should work to form a community of gratitude and respect.
  • SFCT Board Members should research potential shows and vote according to the show that will best serve the mission and purpose of SFCT.

Download and Print

Click to Download and Print an Application for Board Members.

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