Dear Cast of The Little Mermaid,

I am so excited to see you all go from auditions and cold readings to a fully polished and well timed show! Kristi, Ginger, and I are so impressed by the talent in this show and we can't wait to bring this show to life! Rehearsals start immediately, so check the Google calendar on the website. (We may need to adjust it a little to accommodate scheduled conflicts, but it will be close.)

Tuesday is the official cast meeting. We will introduce the cast to each other, and do all the official paperwork. I will hand out a list of characters and what scenes they are in so you will know when to come. We will also start taking measurements for costumes. We would like the whole cast to learn the ensemble songs, whether you are in the number or not. We need a full, rich sound to fill the auditorium. Now let's tell a story together!

Cami Jensen

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