Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Disney's The Little Mermaid. We are so excited about the talent we have this year! Cast members, please visit our BACKSTAGE page for more information about our upcoming rehearsals!


July 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, 29, 31


Please check all sections as some people have multiple roles.

Ariel - Aubri Devashrayee-Woodward
Eric - Duncan Johnson
Sebastian - Dan Bigler
Ursula - Krystal Bigler
Jetsom - Scott Jensen
Flotsam - Chelsea Kennedy
Triton - David Henry
Louis - Bryan Cardoza
Flounder - Caden Huish
Scuttle - Seth Hansen
Grimsby - BJ Wright
Pilot - Josh Chappell

Aquata - Kristina Bowden
Allanna - Shaylynn Swenson
Arista - Natalie Silcox
Andrina - Kristal Thompson
Adella - Kara Hicken
Atina - Kayla Packard

Princesses and Sea Creatures (if desired, let us know)
Princess #5 - Randilee Warner
Princess #2 - Randi Miller
Princess #1 - Karen Grant
Princess #4 - Traci Law
Princess #3 - Kara Henry
Princess #6 - Jessica Morgan
Sea Creature Solo Blackfish (she sings!) - Taiza Savage

Sea Creatures and Puppeteers (body puppets in Kiss the Girl)
Beau Wilson
Calee Jackson
Louise Johnson
Breeanna Leavitt
Marshayla Nielson
Chelsea Tramell
Jenna Rhodes
Margaret Cazier
Emily Lloyd
Josh Chappell

Sea horses
Windward - Brooke Grant
Leeward - Rennan Anderson

Bass - McKay Hicken

Maids and Gulls (a few may be called to be specialty dancers in Under the Sea)
Maid 1 - Emily Wilson
Maid 2 - Janelle Holt
Maid 3 - Marisa Baker
Maid 4 - Elizabeth Phipps
Maid - Maralee Nielson
Maid - Kaylee Reinitz
Maid - Kathy Gregory
Maid - Bailey Workman
Maid - Caitlyn Leavitt
Maid - Katherine Huch

Chefs and Gulls (males will also be sailors)
(Chef solo lines will be assigned by choreographer according to the dance.)
Rennan Anderson
Jackson Loven
Afton Messenger
Raymond Cage
Xander Henry
McKay Hicken
Benjamin Scaife
Emily Lloyd
Stephen Bickel
Rhyan Moffit

Sea Creatures
Alexa Stromsdorfer
Ariah Stromsdorfer
Annalee Wangsgard
Grace Parsons
Miriam Keck
Ryan Whitaker
Claire Hulet

Flounder's School of Yellow and Blue Fish
Jaycie Stewart
Sarah Morgan
Isabelle Kloepfer
Parker Chappell

Hannah Veatch
Bethany Wilson
Julia Henry
Anna Wright

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